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Tonic Tonic


Great rejoicing and relief on the beach of Calais following a successful adventure: 74 minutes 30 seconds after starting from Dover, the amphibious vehicle Tonic regained firm ground under its wheels. Thus on Tuesday 1 July, 2008 the team around Professor Hans Georg Näder clearly surpassed the previous world record in channel crossing held by Sir Richard Branson (100 minutes and six seconds). The new record time has been officially recognised for the Guinness Book of Records. Professor Hans Georg Näder, who had commissioned ESORO to develop the Tonic amphicar, made sure that he himself would then pilot this new 60 km/h-on-water vehicle through the waves across the channel. At his side: Henry Hawkins, captain on the sailing yacht PINK GIN. On this yacht Professor Näder won the New Zealand Millennium Cup along the coast of Majorca in 2007. Using an amphibian vehicle to go hunting for a world record in the 34 km wide channel stems, so 46-year old Professor Hans Georg Näder, from a mixture of “enthusiasm for peak technical performance and sporting ambition”.

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