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Concept vehicles-Splash
Testing - er fliegt   When Frank M. Rinderknecht told us about his idea to build a car propelled with natural gas, but one who could also swim and fly over the water, he seemed to have taken our motto "what you dream is what you get" really serious.
And it shouldn't be a normal amphibic car: 200 km per hour on streets, and more than 50 km per hour on water had to be the minimum. Of course, we were intrigued right away. We established the team with project leader Peter Kägi, took the lead with the total responsibility, as a contractor, for engineering and manufacturing and looked for the right partners: Naval Architecture for the marine part, Swissauto for the drivetrain adaption and Protoscar for the design.

In multiple brainstorming sessions and project meetings we refined the idea until we were absolutely sure that the Splash was feasible - and how we would build it.